Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides


Horseback Rides on the Beach !

The 1 hour horseback rides in Pacific City on the begin at our beachfront location in the heart of Pacific City. Within a couple minutes the waves of the Pacific Ocean will be crashing toward you as you make your into Bob Straub State Park. When it is time to double back we turn up into the Sand Dunes that give awesome views of the park interior. The ride goes back to the waters edge for the home stretch. Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides in Pacific City is Ranked #1 Things to do in Pacific City per TripAdvisor 

This ride is for all levels of experience.

The Park Tour

 Our 2 hour Park Tour caters to the more experienced riders that are looking for more than a relaxing ride on the beach. This ride will leave the waters edge early and head towards the Nestucca river and follow it all almost all the way to the end of the spit. Then we head up into the dunes. The dunes are much steeper there and the horses love to run up and down them. At this point you can choose to stay up on the dunes or head back down to the waters edge or just do both ! 

This ride is geared for experienced riders only.

Horseback Ride Proposal

The Proposal Rides

Looking for that perfect opportunity to pop the question ?  

​We have the plan, and it has never failed yet...

On a Beach Dune overlooking the iconic Haystack Rock in Pacific City or while enjoying a Private Picnic under a 100 year old Cherry Tree we can help you make it unforgettable !

We also offer Private Rides, availability is limited during the peak season

Typical Ride Times

10am  11:30am   1pm   2:30pm   4pm*